Split Skull Hand tattoo by Hans Pasztjerik @ Stay Classy Tattoo

Tiger Knee Tattoo by Hans Paszjterik at Stay Classy Tattoo

08/11/2012 Work



In 10 days from now our new shirts will arrive at the shop. A new design and the classic logo tee.

Everybody that has already reserved his or her shirt(s), thanks!
For all who have not reserved a shirt yet… don’t sleep on them!
They are going fast. Even in the pre-order already.

To reserve one or more shirts, please click here and let us know which design and what size (s) you would like to reserve.
People who reserved shirts will receive their shirts first. The rest will be sold in store and through our (soon to be finished) online shop.

Have a nice one!

02/11/2012 Shop News

Stay-Positive-Tattoo-Stay-Classy Tattoo Schiedam


Hans tattooing “Stay Positive” on a customer …

Rose Tattoo by Hans at Stay Classy Tattoo

Black & Grey Rose/Script tattoo by Hans at Stay Classy Tattoo


Stay Classy Tattoo Schiedam

Mike working on a bondage girl tattoo on an upperleg at the shop today.

@Stay Classy Tattoo


Mike Tibetan Text at Stay Classy Tattoo

Mike tattooing a Tibetan text.

Koi by Mike

Koi by Mike

Stay Classy Tattoo Schiedam

"Have Hope" Tattoos at Stay Classy Tattoo

Hans working on script on a customer …